Auur La Gunadttir

Auur La Gunadttir
Gallery 12

Auur La Gunadttir (b. 1993) is an artist that plays on the border of the objective and the subjective, of sculpture and drawing, art and reality. She works with mundane phenomena, figurative imitation, and the visual language of both ancient and recent history. She seeks to activate the artwork itself, but always as an object in its own social environment. She continues on this path in the exhibition Predecession as she focuses on household items and decorative objects from various points in history.

Auur La graduated from the fine arts department of Iceland University of the Arts in 2015. Since then she has worked independently as well as in collaboration with other artists; she has been involved in group exhibitions such as Leikfimi in Safnasafni, Pressures of The Deep in The Living Art Museum, and Everything at The Same Time in Hafnarborg. She was the recipient of the Motivational Award of the Icelandic Visual Arts Council in 2018, for the exhibition Diana Forever which she curated and participated in. In the spring of 2021 she opened her first big solo exhibition, Yes / No, in Gallery D at the Reykjavk Art Museum that consisted of more than one hundred Papier-mch sculptures.