Confederation of Labour Art Collection
August 25ᵗʰ 2018 - February 17ᵗʰ 2019

The Confederation of Labour Art Collection consists of many gems from Icelandic art history. The collection was started with a gift from the businessman Ragnar Jnsson of Smri, a well known art supporter/collector, who donated 120 artworks to the Confederation of Labour. Since its beginning in 1961 the collection has steadily grown larger.

In this exhibition, Expressions, one can see portraits by artists that made their clear mark on Icelandic art history such as Gunnlaugur Scheving, Jn Stefnsson, Jlana Sveinsdttir, Jn Engilberts, Kristjn Davsson, Sigurur Sigursson, Snorri Arinbjarnar, Nna Tryggvadttir, orvaldur Sklason and Jhannes Kjarval. The paintings are from 1920-1957 and provide a good insight into portraits from this period.

Curators: Elsabet Gunnarsdttir and Hlynur Hallsson.