Err the Traveller
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Travels characterize both Errs life and career. He studied art in Reykjavik, Oslo, Ravenna, Florence,
and eventually settled in Paris in 1958, after spending several months in Israel. Many successive journeys
followed, including some remarkable trips to New York, Moscow and Havana. A world tour, 1971-1972,
led him to cross Asia. From the 1970s, he has lived and worked in Paris, Bangkok and Formentera in Spain.

Wherever he goes, Err collects hundreds of images. He brings them together in collages which, enlarged,
lead to paintings. The idea of travel, of displacement, appears in many works through the use of motifs
such as planes, rockets, trains, birds, horses, or even superheroes. This manifests itself in a specific way in
series about Maos world tour, space travels and North African women.

The exhibition is a collaboration between Akureyri Art Museum and Reykjavk Art Museum.

Curator: Danielle Kvaran.