Creation of Childhood 2024

Group exhibition
Creation of Childhood
24.02.2024 21.04.2024
Galleries 11 12

This is the eleventh exhibition with the title Creation of Childhood. As part of the museums education program the aim is to present and stimulate creative work and creative thinking of school children from the age of five to sixteen. Participants each time are children and artistswho create works according to the theme, which this time is circles.

Participating artists this year are Ingunn Fjla Ingrsdttir and Gunnar Kr. Jnasson. Participating playschool this time is Naustatjrn and the elemenatary schools Glerrskli and Naustaskli, as well as Akureyri Museum / Toy Museum.

Children from the playschool visited the museum in November and created their work under the guidance of both museum teachers. Art teachers from the elementary schools cooperated with their students in creating the works they will exhibit.

Curator: Heia Bjrk Vilhjlmsdttir.