Sigurur Atli Sigursson

Sigurur Atli Sigursson
Gallery 01

The word scenography literally means to write in a space and was originally used to describe the process of converting a two-dimensional drawing into a three-dimensional one; the scene is drawn up. The exhibited works show datum of abstract mapping and how humans attempt to organize their environment based on both ideology and physical needs.

Sigurur Atli Sigursson (born 1988) lives and works in Reykjavk. His works address societys building blocks, by examining the systems we create and live by. He uses different printing materials, publications, and book art as well as printing technology to make large picture-series. His expertise in this field has led him to exhibit, teach and curate in many different places, far and wide, most recently in The Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo and The NationalGallery of Iceland.