Group exhibition
24.02.2024 18.08.2024
Gallery 07

The exhibition Interplay is an invitation to young multinationals to participate in an art-workshop at Akureyri Art Museum. Participants will create their own artwork inspired by works from the museums collection, under guidance from artists. The procedure will increase theirknowledge, offer them an opportunity to express themselves through art and their own criteria, as well as presenting their views. They will also become familiar with the art-creation-process from start to finish from the first idea to the finished product being exhibited. The artists Brk Jnsdttir and rir Hermann skarsson will lead the workshop with focus on creation and independence.

Through this project Akureyri Art Museum hopes to reach a broader audience, as well as to encourage young people of diverse nationalities and their families to participate in cultural activities. Cultural inclusiveness is very important for everyone because it strengthens oursociety.

The project was created in collaboration with Akureyri Department of Welfare and supported by Childrens Culture Fund of Iceland.

Curator: Heia Bjrk Vilhjlmsdttir.