Of Graphic Value

Selected works for creation and education
Of Graphic Value
31.08.2024 02.02.2025
Gallery 07

The word graphic comes from Greek and means to write, draw, or carve. Many different methods are used to create graphic-art each with its own characteristics and quality. The distinction of graphic art consists of the possibility of reproduction i.e. to make several copies of the same picture.

The aim of this exhibition is to educate museum guests about graphic-art and to promote selected pieces from the Museum collection. The works are diverse and by different artists, both Icelandic and non-Icelandic. Museum guests also get an opportunity to linger on in the exhibition space and make their own art in a nice and motivating environment. Creating in a museum is a unique experience, one can get inspired by the works on the walls, mix colors, forms, lines, and influences from different artworks.

Curator: Heia Bjrk Vilhjlmsdttir.