Is This North?

Group exhibition
Is This North?
06.06.2024 15.09.2024
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What are the boundaries and delimitations of The North? Where do we find the borders of the Arctic? What characterizes those who call the Arctic their home? Is their work always inherently influenced by this connection to a Nordic home? The group exhibition delves into these questions, presenting work by artists from the far-reaching North. Exhibiting artists include Gunnar Jnsson, Anders Sunna, Mret nne Sara, Inuuteq Storch, Nicholas Galanin, Dunya Zakharova, Marja Helander, and Maureen Gruben.

The homes of the participating artists include the Sami regions of Finland, Norway and Sweden, Iceland, Greenland, Siberia, Alaska, and Canada. The exhibition focuses on the experience of living in the far North, which communal and connective aspects can be found within artists who call the Arctic their home? Expanding the reach from Alaska to Siberia and Scandinavia in between, these vastly different cultures and communities share this one common thread: the Arctic, the North.

The exhibition is a part of Reykjavk Arts Festival and funded by The Museum Council Of Iceland,Frame - Contemporary Art and Nordisk Kulturfond.

Curators: Dara Sl Andrews and Hlynur Hallsson.