Boreal Screendance Festival 2024

Boreal Screendance Festival 2024
Akureyri Art Museum / Art street

Boreal Screendance Festival is an international video dance festival held in Akureyri. The first edition took place in November 2020 at Gallery Mjlkurbin. Since then, Boreal has branched out to various venues in Akureyris Art Street. The festival serves as a platform for showcasing dance films, with the aim of connecting local and international artists, building bridges between regions and continents, and promoting collaboration.

During the festival, dance films from around the world are exhibited on wide screens, walls, windows, and various surfaces of different art galleries and showrooms. A special emphasis is placed on ensuring a professional environment to present the works in the best way possible regarding image and sound.

The uniqueness of Boreal lies in installations that are created around some of the pieces, which give them both more depth and a new dimension. Boreal also hosts a variety of dance-related events and gatherings during the exhibition period. All events are free of charge.

Artistic director: Yuliana Palacios.