A! Performance Festival 2024

A! Performance Festival 2024
10.10.2024 13.10.2024
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A! is a four-day international festival held annually, now for the tenth time. The festival is a collaboration between Akureyri Art Museum, Hof Cultural Center, Akureyri Theater, The Gil Society, The Video-festival Heim, Visual Art Department of Akureyri Comprehensive College, and Icelandic Art Center. A! Is the only festival in Iceland that focuses solely on performance art.

A variety of performances and theater-based projects of all kinds are on the agenda. Participants are young up-and-coming artists and theatre professionals. Among those who have participated are Sigurur Gumundsson, Icelandic Love Corporation, Dustin Harvey, Rr, Theatre Replacement, Katrn Gunnarsdttir, Tricycle Trauma, Curver Thoroddsen, Brk Jnsdttir, Tales Frey, Anna Richardsdttir, Kuluk Helms, Harpa Arnardttir, Snorri smundsson, Florence Lam, Olya Kroytor and Drfinna Benita Basalan.

Every year the festival turns Akureyri into a bustling cauldron of exciting performances. All events are free of charge.

Project manager: Gurn rsdttir.