Fra Karlsdttir

Fra Karlsdttir
31.08.2024 09.03.2025
Gallery 12

Innards and texture. A wisp intact which tangles you if you try to untangle it. A sanded piece of wood with small splinters that sting. Mud, soft and warm in the sun, but rocks and roots scrape your feet. I saturate myself in the brine and transform into the shapeless puddle that flows on the street, down the drain and is mixed with the unexplained liquids splashing, gurgling.

Fra Karlsdttir (born 1994) graduated from the fine arts department of Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam, the Netherlands 2020. She lives and works in Akureyri where she is a member of the independent art group Kaktus, which is responsible for various cultural events that take place in their studio at the Akureyri Art Museum.

Karlsdttir works with rumors through mixed media, videos, sculptures, texts, and various handicrafts. Her work often resembles natural phenomena, they contain strong symbolic images through which she dramatizes the-everyday-life and tells of sincere experiences. Karlsdttir has exhibited her work both in Iceland and abroad.