Oliver van den Berg

Oliver van den Berg
From the Balcony
31.08.2024 10.08.2025
Gallery 06

Oliver van den Berg (born in 1967) has made a name for himself with sculptures and installations based on technical instruments such as flight recorders, star projectors, cameras, and microphones. The history of technology in the twentieth century, along with modern everyday culture and questions of socially viable forms of transportation appear in his works as cornerstones for social cohesion.

Although these works seem to copy existing objects, they are in fact artificial hybrids meandering between original and copy. It is only upon contemplation of the reproduction that we become aware of our profound entanglement with such things, a dependency we like to cloak in fictions and narratives so that we can pretend to master them. In their naked presence, however, they remain a mystery.

Oliver van den Berg is from Essen in Germany and lives and works in Berlin. He will develop a site-specific work for the balcony of Akureyri Art Museum.