Detel Aurand / Claudia Hausfeld

Detel Aurand / Claudia Hausfeld
The Air in Between
28.09.2024 12.01.2025
Gallery 01

The Air in Between is an exhibition project based on an ongoing postal exchange of art works between the artists Claudia Hausfeld (1980) and Detel Aurand (1958), curated by Katharina Wendler. All three have close ties to Iceland, have lived and worked there for many years and/or have studied the local art scene intensely. Since 2017 the two artists exchange drawings, paintings, collages, photographs, and objects via post, addressing topics of (island) life here and there, then and now.

Over the years, this dialogue has meandered through many colors, materials, and ideas. The exhibition at the Akureyri Art Museum gathers traces of this conversation and extends it to the visitors. By embedding selected found objects from this dialogue in a larger installation on site, the exhibition addresses questions of collective and individual artistic practice, proximity and distance, center and periphery, commonality and demarcation.

Curator: Katharina Wendler.