Selected works from Akureyri Art Museum Collection
30.11.2024 16.11.2025
Galleries 08 10 11

Each year Akureyri Art Museum exhibits works from its own collection or from other museums. These exhibitions usually last for about one year, hence guests can visit the works repeatedly key works or their favorite ones and contemplate the context in which they are a part of the collection and on display.

Akureyri Art Museum will get a new director mid-year 2024 and that person will curate this collection-exhibition. Thanks to an increased budget for purchasing works for the collection and generous donations, several works have been added to the collection during the last few years.

The collection is now around 800 works, some of which have not been exhibited at the Museum though some have been on display in Akureyris schools, the Town Hall or institutions run by the municipality.

In galleries 10 and 11 video-works from the collection will be exhibited until the beginning of February 2025.