Einar Falur Inglfsson

Einar Falur Inglfsson
Look of the Sky A Weather Diary
28.09.2024 12.01.2025
Gallery 04

Einar Falur Inglfsson (born 1966) was from spring 2022 until summer solstice 2023 Icelands representative in an international project about the weather, World Weather Network, which was started by Artangel in London with participation of art-institutes from 28 countries.

For the better part of that time Inglfsson was an artist in residence at Library of Water in Stykkishlmur and worked daily on a series of works about weather and time. The backbone of this is the weather diary Look of the Sky. At noon every day he observed the weather and synchronized a photo of the sky, official record of the weather at noon and rni Thorlaciuss weather record in Stykkishlmur at the same time 170 years earlier. The Weather Diary will be exhibited in full as well as more photos, videos, and text.

Einar Falur Inglfsson is a literary scholar and holds an MFA degree from School of Visual Arts in New York. His work has been exhibited in museums and galleries far and wide and can be found in the collections of all the major museums in Iceland.