Hong Kong kvikmyndaht

Sjnlistamistin samvinnu vi Lisths Fjallabygg stendur fyrir kvikmyndaht Deiglunni 1.-2. febrar 2014. Sndar vera kvikmyndir og heimildarmyndir fr Hong Kong en htin er tengslum vi ?Pinhole Photography? vinnustofu sem nemar r VMA taka tt og fer fram Deiglunni febrar.

A sningum loknum 2. febrar bst horfendum a hitta leikstjra heimildarmyndanna.

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Dagskr htarinnar:

Date time Venue program
1. 2. 2014 20:00 Deiglan Program 3 (84 min) Drama Selection
2. 2. 2014 14:00 Deiglan Program 4 (86 min) The Life & Times of Wu Zhong Xian
2. 2. 2014 16:00 Deiglan Program 1 (85 min) Black Bird ? A Living Song (1984)
2. 2. 2014 20:00 Deiglan Program 2 (52 min)* Documentary Selection

* Sharing session with the directors after screening

Program Details
Program 185 min Black Bird ? A Living Song (1984) | 85 min | Music | DocumentaryHong Kongers alternative perspective to social actions and contrasts of local living through music. It is in fact a political statement.
Program 2 Documentary Selection 52 min Fading Flame ? The Disappearance of Funeral Industry in Wanchai (2010) | 32 min | DocumentaryDirector: Ng Wai Cheong StanleyFrom a district funeral industry (Wanchai, Hong Kong) to a wide perspective in understanding Chinese cultural values and neighborhood stories related to lives and deaths.
City of Stories ? Sai Ying Pun Community (2013) | 20 min | DocumentaryDirectors: Ceci Liu Wai Yee, Ng Wai Cheong StanleyThe stories from Sai Ying Pun are about different family shops, in an old district of Hong Kong, facing drastic changes due to the development of the latest Metro Western line.
Program 3 Drama Selection 84 min Student Work Selections | 18 min | DramaHong Kong students? idea sharing.By Eugene Yeung @ Fighting Blues 1) Kiss (3 min)2) If? (4 min)3) A little love story (5 min)4) Run into Love (6 min)
Point of Inflection ( 2003) |36 min| DramaDirector: Polly LoaA young social worker is attracted to a film director. Although she always counsels to youngsters, she is easily frustrated .
Iris & Mable (2013) | 30 min | DramaDirector: Lee Chi ManTwo Hong Kong Chinese women escaping from their hustled lives in the city and seeking their own new way of living in their dreamland ? Iceland.
Program 4 Political
vision 86 min
The Life & Times of Wu Zhong Xian | 72 min | DramaProduced by Mok Chiu Yu | Directed by Evans Chan
A Letter To Hong Kong Artistic Youngsters | 14 min | ExperimentalProduced by Mok Chiu Yu